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2D oligo(phenylene-ethynylene-butadiynylene)s: all-covalent nanoscale spoked wheels

S. Lei, A. Ver Heyen, S. De Feyter, M. Surin, R. Lazzaroni, S. Rosenfeldt, M. Ballauff, D. Mössinger, and S. Höger

Chemistry – A European Journal 2009, 15, 2518 – 2535 (VIP paper – Front Cover)

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Two-leg molecular ladders formed by hierarchical self-assembly of an organic radical

N. Crivillers, S. Furukawa, A. Minoia, A. Ver Heyen, C. Sporer, M. Mas-Torrent, M. Linares, A. Volodin, C. Van Haesendonck, M. Van der Auweraer, R. Lazzaroni, S. De Feyter, J. Veciana, C. Rovira

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131, 17, 6246-6252

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Aggregation kinetics of macrocycles detected by magnetic birefringence

J. C. Gielen, A. Ver Heyen, S. Klyatskaya, W. Vanderlinden, S. Höger, J. C. Maan, S. De Feyter, P. C. M. Christianen

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131, 14134-14135

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Guiding the self-assembly of a second generation polyphenylene dendrimer into well-defined patterns

A. Ver Heyen, C. C. Buron, Q. Tianshi, R. Bauer, A. M. Jonas, K. Müllen, F. C. De Schryver, S. De Feyter

Small 2008, 4 (8), 1160-1167

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Polyphenylene dendrimers with pentafluorophenyl units: synthesis and self-assembly

R. Bauer, D. Liu, A. Ver Heyen, F. De Schryver, S. De Feyter, K. Müllen

Macromolecules 2007, 40 (14), 4753-4761

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Synthesis and adsorption of shape-persistent macrocycles containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the rigid framework

X. H. Cheng, A. Ver Heyen, W. Mamdouh, H. Uji-i, F. C. De Schryver, S. Höger, S. De Feyter

Langmuir 2007, 23 (3), 1281-1286

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Solid-state assemblies and optical properties of conjugated oligomers combining fluorene and thiophene units

M. Surin, P. Sonar, A. C. Grimsdale, K. Müllen, S. De Feyter, S. Habuchi, S. Sarzi, E. Braeken, A. Ver Heyen, M. Van der Auweraer, F. C. De Schryver, M. Cavallini, J.-F. Moulin, F. Biscarini, C. Femoni, R. Lazzaroni, P. Leclère

Journal of Materials Chemistry 2007, 17 (8), 728-735

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Covalent template approach toward functionalized oligo-alkyl-substituted shape-persistent macrocycles: Synthesis and properties of rings with a loop

A. Ziegler, W. Mamdouh, A. Ver Heyen, M. Surin, H. Uji, M. M. S. Abdel-Mottaleb, F. C. De Schryver, S. De Feyter, R. Lazzaroni, S. Höger

Chemistry of Materials 2005, 17 (23), 5670-5683

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