personal homepage of a chemistry enthousiast   


Software engineer at Colruyt Group Services, Java/J2EE developer for the communication and collaboration team

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • developing and maintaining (internal) web applications for the entire Colruyt Group: Mail, Calendar, Archives, Translation and Location management, …
  • batch processing
  • providing the component to allow other groups for sending automatic communications from within their applications

Scientific researcher at KULeuven, PhD in Science (Chemistry)
Title of thesis: Unravelling and guiding the molecular self-assembly on surfaces

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • developing research projects: design/execution of experiments and analyses/interpretation of their outcome
  • presenting results: thesis, posters, lectures, publications, meetings
  • responsible for the (atomic force) microscope
  • teaching practical exercises and guiding workshops for┬ástudents (2nd Kan Biology, 1st Bac Bio-engineer)

Job student at KULeuven

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • preparing and conducting experiments
  • presenting results